Saturday, January 29, 2011

O! Canada... you make me want to dance!

There is nothing I love more than a jam-packed evening of Canadian music. There is something about homegrown talent that attracts me. In fact, I have to admit that every single concert I have ever been to (with the exception of the Strokes in the early days) has been performed by a Canadian. Joel Plaskett, Lights, Our Lady Peace, even some Avril Lavigne (sorry, world!) were all fine Canadian music experiences.

So, how excited was I to be asked by a friend to see Dragonette live at Starlight in Waterloo last night? Here's a hint... VERY excited. If you don't know who Dragonette is, then here is the short and skinny of it:

Dragonette is Martina Sorbara (funnily enough, the daughter of Vaughn MPP Greg Sorbara), Dan Kurtz and Joel Stouffer. They have been making sweet, sweet music since 2005 and they have this very infectious electro-pop feel. It makes you want to dance like a maniac and stay all night. They are currently jumping their way to the top of the charts with Martin Solveig for the song "Hello". Oh, and fun fact: Martina's first two solo albums in the early 2000s were produced by Jian Ghomeshi from CBC Radio's "Q".

What needs to be said about last night is that Starlight on King Street in Waterloo is now my absolute favourite venue from here on out. It is big enough that there is lots of room to dance, but small enough that you can see the stage, feel the sweat and get really into an intimate performance. The second best part was the opening act Kidstreet. They went on at 8:30 and kept apologizing that they were on so early so no one was drunk enough to dance.... but do things like sobriety keep me from dancing.... most definitely not! I though they were amazing, and so original. A real breath of fresh air. They are actually a family; two brothers and a sister. But, how to explain their music? Can you imagine, if you will, listening to electro-dance music and thinking that it is made by some musical genius behind a computer, contorting and twisting vocals, and upping the tempo? Well they are able to perform on stage in an unimaginable way. They sound completely computerized, but they do it all in front of you.

In any case, there is something about letting loose and dancing to music that is so purely Canadian that it makes you turn all white and red.

And so, to spread the love... here are some Canadian music gems to check out. Listen and then treat yourself to a rousing round of "O! Canada"!



Beatrice Martin and Bedouin Soundclash's Jay Malinowski teaming up to release an LP in February under the title "Armistice"... for sweet sweet mariachi music, combined with some franco-anglo talent, try some Armistice.

And, of course, you can always count on Chromeo!