Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kick Ass Christmas Gifts

I'm not going to call this a Christmas wishlist, because generally I don't ask for much... or shove a list of things I want in front of my family and friends... Well, that is with the exception of last year when I desperately needed new glasses and a mouth guard (that's what happens when you have no health insurance and great parents).

So I am going to call this post simply 'Kick Ass Christmas Gifts' and even though I picked them because I love all of them... they would be awesome gifts for lots of people. So take notes...

This is probably the coolest craft book I have come across. This isn't your grandma's craft book.... these aren't Popsicle sticks and white glue crafts.... these are useful, hip (this word never looks cool but I am going to use it) and awesome.
If you put this under the tree it is like 150 gifts... on gift per craft idea.

See more HERE

I dig this back pack.... that is all.
Check it out HERE.

Now I know how some people feel about receiving socks for Christmas... but these socks are different. These are possibly the coolest socks I have ever seen. They have a million different colours too... weird colour variations. I like everything about these... this coming from a person who wears work sock over skinny jeans everyday... so I guess I have to remember my audience.
See more HERE.

This is just hilarious and genius and of course comes from one of my favourite online shops, Mod Cloth. They always have the most amazing things.... like this sandwich coaster set. Imagine your guests could set down their drink on a fresh slice of Wonder Bread, or hey on some lettuce! This would be an awesome gift for that quirky person who loves to entertain... or my dad.

Hungry? See it HERE.

How cool is this? I saw on of these at the mall the other day and I was blown away by how genius it is! They have taken the record player out of the box... or hey out of the coffee table (how are turntables in huge pieces of wood furniture helpful?).
You could easily move this, and easily play some great music. Love it.

Love it more HERE.

Oh! and happy shopping!!

ps... I know I said this isn't a wish list... but this is:

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