Sunday, November 28, 2010

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On this cozy, wintery Sunday I thought I would share my playlist for the day.
I'm thinking that this playlist will show you exactly what kind of mood I am in:
aka. kicking ass and taking names.

First up... Mark Ronson - The Bike Song

Two: Lykke Li - Until We Bleed

3. For the holiday season... THE best X-mas song ever (just imagine me tap dancing to it)

"fore!". An Old School rap throwback... A Tribe Called Quest - Stressed Out

5ive: Just TRY not to bob your head up and down to this one... I dare you... just TRY!
~Midfield General ft. Linda Lewis - Reach Out

666: celebration of new XFactorUK videos up on the internetz... a little
Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love

VII - and just to bring it full circle today...
more Mark Ronson and the Int'l Business - Bang Bang Bang
~ sidenote: I have had this song on repeat for dayyyyyyys

Love Always,

Ave's iPod

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Everyday Art: Last Minutes with ODEN

This just proves that everyday, ordinary moments can be documented and made into something beautiful...

Watch this documentary below that recently won "Best Documentary" Award from Vimeo. I am just totally blown away by the pacing, cinematography, and the story. This is what documentary is all about... making us feel something... sharing emotion between people... reflecting together. Documentary doesn't have to be focused on injustice, greed, and theivery, documentary can capture moments that YOU care about, that YOU live everyday. It is these moments that just pass us by, that we think no one else cares about... these moments can be art.

Last Minutes with ODEN from phos pictures on Vimeo.

Monday, November 8, 2010

"Cause Baby You're a FIREWORK"

I spent this summer covering every community event in the area for the radio station I work for. And, the absolute BEST part of it was the fireworks. Any event big enough has some sort of display of these beautiful, coloured spark-work. So all summer I photographed the displays from various distances and zoom settings... and here is the cream of the crop.

And to whoever invented fireworks? My hat off to you.

*blog title from Katy Perry's song Firework

Have you heard of this?

I love when people take photography to the next level. Recently I stumbled across something called "The Ballerina Project" and I was just blown away by the composition of the photographs. It is a project that was inspired by the creativity of New York City. All of the photos feature a ballerina, usually in point shoes, against the backdrop of the city. They are very creative, endlessly breathtaking, and in my mind completely genius. Anyone that says ballet is a lost artform obviously hasn't seen this project.

You can find more here. (Tip... be sure to click the "next page" button on the menu bar, it takes you to more pictures.)

Eerie Sky

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Like Everything About This...

(via Emerson)

A week in Beautiful Blogs

I must say that I spend a lot of my self-alloted internet time reading other people's blogs (and sometime becoming very green with envy over their very artistic ventures!).
So I thought: what better than to share!
So here are my top 5 moments from other people's beautiful blogs this week:

Let's start with numero uno:

This is a video posted by the cutest husband-wife EVER.
They have a blog called Rockstar Diaries that just makes me smile every time I visit...
Especially this week because they posted this video made by friends of theirs called Postcards from Italy.... so enjoy!

Okay this is a blog I love, love, love... but the reality is I don't even own an apartment...
So it's all wishful thinking!
It is called Apartment Therapy and they pretty much only post genius ideas for interior decorating.
And here is an idea I just loved:

How genius is that little table.... two words: want it.


I am pretty new to this blog: Hollister Hovey

It is more of a "guy blog" than I am used to but it always makes me smile.

It is very earthy and old school... for example this week it presented this gem:


OF all things... one way you could decribe me is "quilt lover".

I love, love, love quilts. And so does Joanna from Cup of Jo.

This week she posted this quilt:

Just look at that beauty of a quilt... not to mention the cute little dog.

and FIVE:

I think this one is pretty self- explanatory... but I will clarify.

Cutest pregnant woman EVER:

It's Diana again from Rockstar Diaries!

I'm sorry if this was too much cute all at once for you!

...until next time...