Sunday, October 31, 2010


I count myself as a pretty brave person... I can act like a fool on air and I experiment with different foods....but when it comes to Horror flicks I am a 10 year old again, cowering under the bed, and screaming at a decibel that can shatter windows. I can do romances, I can do comedies, I can even do action (as long as there isn't muchh shooting or blood... picky aren't I?), but I cannot, CANNOT, CAN.....NOT do horror films. In my whole life I have seen 3 horror flicks.

1. Psycho: I had to watch it for a film studies class, but my eyes were closed 99% of the time, and I took some pretty un-healthily long bathroom breaks.
2. Carrie: Not so bad until you get to the prom part... let's just say I was reduced to a blubbering idiot.... and the blood.... okay I need to stop here.


3. House of know the one where you can watch Paris Hilton die?... if you never saw it or need a reminder, here is the trailer... WARNING: this is a (luke warm) scary trailer

I had to leave the theatre 20 minutes in... and I didn't come back. Lame right? (hey! I am talking about the movie, not me.)

So based on all these facts, you will not be surprised at the fact that when I made a list of the top scariest movies to watch on Facebook, I just took the Internet's word for it (something that is not always encouraged). So here it is, Top Scariest Movies of All Time, according to the internet... aka. Movies Avery Will Never Watch, Ever, Ever, Ever!!!

- The Exorcist
- Halloween
- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
- Nightmare on Elm Street
- Night of the Living Dead
- Psycho
- The Shining
- Carrie
- Poltergeist

So get out there... get to the movie store, and rent yourelf a copy of one of these "gems".... just don't invite me along, okay?

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