Thursday, September 16, 2010

They Save All the Good Stuff for Halloween!

Every once in while I get that feeling. You know the one... And to be incredibly sexist... that womanly feeling... stick with me here... where you look down at what you are wearing and think, "I need NEW CLOTHES!" It happens to all of us, right? Your pocketbook starts to burn through your purse and you are immediately drawn to the nearest Dress Barn, etc... (Dress Barn was a store I saw in the States and thought "is this real?"... I assure you, it is.)

So, at these moments I do what any smart, young, fashionable and poor twenty-something does: I went to Value Village. The VV Boutique if you will. I just go crazy in this place. It is the place where all the fabulous things get sent... when the fabulous wears off on the original owner. I can stay there for hours and hours on end. I look through every single article of clothing piece by piece. I can race through a rack of t-shirts faster than you can call the fashion police. I pick what I want and I take it to try on.

So to pass on my love for Value Village here are my very best VV shopping tips:

1. Only go to VV when you have a lot of time. Time is what you need for the good finds. Be patient.

2. Go by yourself. There is nothing worse than finding something at the same time as a friend. Then you have to fight over who gets to take it home (usually in that polite "you have it." "no, you have it" kind of way).

3. Always look through the discarded rack at the change rooms. Therefore, someone else can do the searching for you, decide they don't like it and they leave it there free and easy for you.

4. Try it on twice. There is nothing worse than getting home and realizing you spent $4 hard-earned dollars on something you hate. Try it on. Keep shopping. Try it on again. There is something about the light in VV that makes something ridiculous look good. Don't get caught up in this moment.

5. Give yourself a limit. That means don't go crazy. Know how much you want to spend and stick to it. UNLESS, you find that amazing pair of shoes you have always dreamed of (but really, that is every pair isn't it?)

6. Finally, hand sanitizer. You know why.

So now that you sat through my long list of rules I will reward you with a peek at what I bought. You can tell me if you think it's a hit or miss.

I present... The Turban Hat

Now, some of you are going to chuckle at this. But, I know at least one of you who is gasping for air right now... you know who you are. Personally, I think this is the best hat I've ever owned. I did however have a moment of weakness and ask some unassuming lady in the store if I would be crazy to wear this in public, and she said no... but really what else could she have said? So after bullying this poor woman into complimenting my hat I carried it around, tried it on a second time and decided to go for it. Who could blame me? Now, all I have to do is figure out where I am going to wear it. Here's one last look:

After the turban hat, my next purchase seems boring. But, I was super excited for this one too. Mostly, because it feels like it has never been worn, though I am sure it hung in someone's closet for decades. I would like to thank said person for being kind enough to preserve it for me, whoever you are. Here's a look:

I am using my experience in yoga to present this purchase. Warrior stance.... almost. In any case, when I put this shirt on I feel like something right out of a fashionable 1970s tennis match. I am looking forward to wearing this one in. So hit or miss on this one... whaddya think?

Here's what I think: there was no better way to spend $8.

Happy shopping!