Friday, September 17, 2010

The Phil Main Show!

So here's the background... I worked all summer with a radio superstar named Phil Main. I got to spend time with him very rarely but enjoyed our chats immensely when I did. AND NOW, I can enjoy our chats even more because Phil has invited me to have weekly/bimonthly chats with him on-air for The Phil Main Show! And no, I am not just musing about my life and talking about the mindless and boring... I am going to be reviewing books!

I am happy to say Phil and I are Facebook friends (I'm basking in the glory) and this means he got the chance to read my blog about the Best Book of the 21st Century (scroll down a few posts, you'll see it). And now, he has taken my challenge to read 100 of these books to the next level. So now I get to talk about the books on air... I'll tell you if they are worth your time, if they made me cry and if they will make it to my sacred "Books I'll Keep Forever" shelf (I mean something needs to keep company with To Kill A Mockingbird and The Colour Purple!). So on Wednesday Phil Main and I had our very first book chat and I thought I would post it for you all to enjoy! Much, much more where this came from. Stay tuned.

Here is the audio of our chat:

Check out the website for The Phil Main Show, on Monday - Friday from 6am - 10am on CKNX AM 920!

Also: My review of The Alchemist still to come today.

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  1. Avery, love it! You doc producing, book reviewing, literature information spewing, radio and life personality. I enjoy listening to you from Nairobi. A dash of Avery a day (weekly? bimonthly?) makes home not so far away.