Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just thought you would like to know....

As far as I am concerned coffee is the devil's work. Mostly, because I get sick when I have too much. I guess I wouldn't call it an allergy, more like an aversion... but an aversion that gives me splitting headaches and this gross nauseous feeling. I can have a can of pop, but anymore than that and I'm tapping out. Or, any bit of coffee... or tea for that matter (do you know how hard it is to find GOOD decaf tea?!). However, it's not the taste that is the problem, I LOVE the taste of coffee so I often buy a small decaf (to which most people say... "what a waste of potential caffeine"... to which I say "keep it away!!"). However, the other day methinks my small-regular-decaf from Tim Horton's was in fact.... wait for it.... full-caf! The HORROR! I had a headache all day. And in light of my interest in the topic here is something I came across of a Homeowner's Insurance blog of all things... So enjoy.... 15 Things You Should Know About Caffeine (or to me... 15 Reasons to Hate On Caffeine).

15 Things Your Should Know about Caffeine
Via: Homeowners Insurance

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  1. LOL this is too funny! Very interesting facts on caffeine! How sad that you like the taste of coffee but caffeine makes you sick! That seems so unfair!