Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chocolate Milk for Everyone!

The torrential downpour has finally ceased. It rained... no POURED... for about 3 hours straight. The result?

A flowing river of chocolate milk! Er... or at least what looks like chocolate milk! This creek beside my house is usually 6 ft of nothingness and very often a dry old creek bed. BUT, you give it a day of rain and it transforms into a river that even Willy Wonka would be proud of! Rich, cold, flowing CHOCOLATE MILK!!

Okay, so... it's not chocolate milk... it's hardly even safe to drink. In fact, right now it might even come close to something akin to the Ganges because floating in what looks like chocolatey goodness is run off from fields at the top of the hill, and probably all the pesticide a girl could ever hope for. All flowing straight into the beautiful and vast Lake Huron. It's a pity really that all these chemicals flow right into that wonderful source of swimming and kayaking (and I am sure some vital resources that do need seem immediately evident to me). It is also a pity that I can't drink any of it... if it were chocolate milk. I just recently ran out of the chocolatey-good stuff. Shame.

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