Thursday, May 27, 2010

2 Days in Sunsets

So I have officially begun my summer adventure! I survived the long drive home from Maine (via Boston and Burlington, VT) and I am working on settling into the next three months here in Kincardine. I am working at a local commercial radio station as the summer cruiser girl (of Queen of Summer Fun, if that sounds more snappy!). I am heading to all the big summer events in Midwestern, Ontario to give out free stuff, report back to the station and spread the summer fun (do you think they have gotten to me yet?). I am really excited to be here. Especially on the beach. In the past few years I haven't been able to get to the cottage that much because of summer jobs. Solution: find a summer job at the cottage! Why didn't I think of that before. I am anxiously awaiting my summer roommate and I can't wait for the fun in the sun to begin.

Today I voiced my first promo for the radio station. I have to change gears a little bit because the past four months have been training to be an NPR announcer (for those of you Canadians who don't have the NPR iphone app, basically NPR announcers sound like they are so bored they could fall asleep in their lunch plate). So today I had to pump it up a little bit so that you could "hear my smile". The producer told me to put my joker smile on and sound FUN! And should the "Queen of Summer Fun" do anything less?

But the BEST part is... did I mention the best part?

Surprise!!! It's the sunsets! I keep telling people it is the second best sunset in the world (a highly un-sourced factoid that has spread it's way around the shores of the Bruce Peninsula that can really not be proven... except in our hearts... and with pictures!!) I have taken shots of the sun's glorious descent into the watery horizon both nights I have been here and it has been SPECTACULAR! Tuesday night was amazing, followed by a phenomenal Wednesday night.

Here's a look at Tuesday night:

AND THEN: Wednesday night! Gorgeous!

Jealous yet?
Love, your very recently certified full G driver.... just thought you should know.

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  1. Hey! Glad to hear about the job! And the sunsets look beautiful!!!

    And congrats about the G licence. I got it too. Another road trip in the yellow pickup?

    Just arrived in Australia yesterday. Avery, you would LOVE it here.

    What is your mailing address at the cottage? So I can send a postcard!