Thursday, May 27, 2010

2 Days in Sunsets

So I have officially begun my summer adventure! I survived the long drive home from Maine (via Boston and Burlington, VT) and I am working on settling into the next three months here in Kincardine. I am working at a local commercial radio station as the summer cruiser girl (of Queen of Summer Fun, if that sounds more snappy!). I am heading to all the big summer events in Midwestern, Ontario to give out free stuff, report back to the station and spread the summer fun (do you think they have gotten to me yet?). I am really excited to be here. Especially on the beach. In the past few years I haven't been able to get to the cottage that much because of summer jobs. Solution: find a summer job at the cottage! Why didn't I think of that before. I am anxiously awaiting my summer roommate and I can't wait for the fun in the sun to begin.

Today I voiced my first promo for the radio station. I have to change gears a little bit because the past four months have been training to be an NPR announcer (for those of you Canadians who don't have the NPR iphone app, basically NPR announcers sound like they are so bored they could fall asleep in their lunch plate). So today I had to pump it up a little bit so that you could "hear my smile". The producer told me to put my joker smile on and sound FUN! And should the "Queen of Summer Fun" do anything less?

But the BEST part is... did I mention the best part?

Surprise!!! It's the sunsets! I keep telling people it is the second best sunset in the world (a highly un-sourced factoid that has spread it's way around the shores of the Bruce Peninsula that can really not be proven... except in our hearts... and with pictures!!) I have taken shots of the sun's glorious descent into the watery horizon both nights I have been here and it has been SPECTACULAR! Tuesday night was amazing, followed by a phenomenal Wednesday night.

Here's a look at Tuesday night:

AND THEN: Wednesday night! Gorgeous!

Jealous yet?
Love, your very recently certified full G driver.... just thought you should know.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Favourite Salad

I would like to introduce you to my absolutely favourite salad... which doesn't have a name... yet. This is always my go-to salad for... well... anything. AND because of that I have been waiting all winter for blackberry season. The blackberries I bought at Whole Foods were from Mexico, so not quite blackberry season in North America, but my mouth watered at the sight of them and they jumped into my basket all by themselves. It wasn't my fault... really. So here it is, and short directions... let's call it "The Delicious, Mouthwatering, Blackberry Walnut Salad Extravaganza!" Here is a picture of the mini sized salad I made for lunch today!

Recipe (If you can call something this easy a "recipe")

Fill a salad bowl with spinach
Top with: one case of blackberries,
two handfuls of walnuts (organic? mmm),
as much goat cheese as you can handle
(I used the three citrus goat cheese the make at Whole Foods... yummy!)

For the dressing:
mix equal parts olive oil and balsamic vinegar
add 2 tsp. of grainy mustard
and honey to taste (so it will be sweet!)

Just beware of staring at it for too long. Or else you will end up like me, with my face an inch from the leaves, staring... not eating. BE WARNED.

Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life Unfiltered

This is the flyer for our show next Thursday... A week and a day from today! SCARY! TERRIFYING! but... welcome. We have all worked so hard to get here and we finally get to show the world what we've got. My pieces are all but done, a few tweaks here and there should do it.

I walked in just now and all the photographers were putting their images in frames... made it more real. I think the saddest part is I am going to have to say good bye to all the pesky documentarian friends. I have offered an open invitation to Canada though, so hopefully at some point they will take me up on it.

But until then it is work work work. The winds of time are blowing at hurricane speed. Better hold on tight!

Aside: The photo on the front is by my very talented photog friend Madeleine... who appeared in the hula hoop video. She has been documenting the life of an 18 year old exotic dancer and she snapped this ridiculous photo.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Powered By Laughter

For your viewing pleasure, here is the video of my promo for our gallery opening at Salt. It will play all that day outside the building on a big screen TV. The quality gets downgraded when you upload it to youtube, so it looks better on my computer! But, with no further ado... enjoy!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gimme Gimme

I am quickly compiling a list of instruments I want to learn how to play. I've got banjo and flute and now.... KALIMBA! I was searching for music to use for my second documentary (promo to come) and I came across kalimba music. Previously I had referred to it as thumb piano, but now it has a real name! Here is a video to show you what I mean... this guy is pretty magical.

(warning: don't expect a kalimba concert from me anytime soon... my track record with learning to play musical instruments is fair to poor. I was born without any sense of rhythm... at all.)


This is how I spend the time when I should be editing audio: