Monday, March 1, 2010

A Little Olympic Spirit


I bought this old pair of speed skates in Portland at the Good Cause Thrift Store. They came to a total of $6 US> That seems cheap, yet it took me 4 visits to the store to decide whether I could pay such a lofty price. But, they fit me perfectly, and they came with a 'pocket sharpener' so how could I even deny myself?

In any case, they became the inspiration for my weekend adventure... TRY SPEED SKATING! Turns out, the Great Atlantic Speed Skating Club in Falmouth, Maine holds this event twice a year. And the winter session just happened to be yesterday!

So... I rounded up the brave troops!

L - R: Cassidy of Tennessee, Me, Emily of Michigan, and Sarah of Montana

We may look like professionals, but believe me there were some shaky starts, and some crash landings. We had a little lesson first and then we moved on to skating in a line... and then we had to trade in our skates. Just a short jaunt on the long blades. But, not surprisingly, it was really fun! I think we all feel like we need to try it again soon.

However, before we go back we need to work on our form! They taught us the "tuck" position, which essentially means that your torso is parallel to the ice and your behind is tucked in. (You're not allowed to "Moon your mama" as our instructor said, you have to always be tucked in!) So essentially, you are hunched over, holding yourself together with your ab muscles... AND THEN you have to skate! Imagine! So suffice it to say that some very odd muscles hurt this morning. I would like to think that I have finally found a sport that does not frown on my poor posture!

Look at me go!

Overall, it was a great experience! It was an awesome sport that I definitely want to continue learning... kudos to my dad for always telling me I should do it, and shame on me for always saying "no way!"

Here are some other actions shots:

Our weapons!

Somehow the girl from the South has the best form!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, crunch down girl! (bad form) Emily is about to exemplify how easy it is to get DQ'd in speed skating, a simple touch and you're outta there!

Emily and Sarah channel Apolo Ohno intensity.

(If you don't know Apolo Ohno, he is an American hero of sorts. He appeared on Dancing with the Stars, and is best known for his signature soul patch beneath his bottom lip, or, of course is eight Olympic medals... you choose.)

It was great to get out there on the ice, while things continue to melt down here in Portland downtown. Not one piece of snow!

We ended the say with a warm and tasty breakfast from Becky's Diner (Nothin' Finah!). Mmm... Maine blueberry pancakes!

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