Monday, March 22, 2010

For the first time ever...

Today is a historic day in the world of Avery. It is the first time I have taken money out of the bank machine since I've been here, and the amount taken out of my account was exactly the same amount in US dollars. You cannot imagine my excitement. I feel somewhat validated. It means for a short time, the price of everything is the same in Canadian dollars. It means I can stop calculating in my head what the real price of every item is in Canadian dollars. It also means it probably won't last too long. But for now... it is almost like I am in Canada! (except there are American flags everywhere, overpriced food, and you need a car to get to a Tim Horton's).

In other news, I am short for inspiration on a blog post. Mostly because I mistakenly reformatted my camera's memory card. The good news is I had already uploaded a lot of the important pictures to my computer. But all my pictures of my trip to Danbury are gone. The beautiful pictures of Nowhere, Connecticut (not a real town, just a feeling) have been wiped away. The picture of the large cast iron dog statue on the side of the road in New Hampshire. And the adorable pictures of my photographer's niece and nephew in Rhode Island... gone.
I am not too upset about it... I can always take more pictures... and the ones I had anyway were gray and depressing. Connecticut didn't turn out to be the beautiful place I remember from Gilmore Girls. But, then again, I also hardly left the highway. Rhode Island though, was beautiful and I only got about 20 minutes in.

However, the trip was totally worth it. We got to see the barbershop quartet we are following perform for the first time. In tuxedos and bow ties and the whole nine yards. All they were missing were top hats and canes. They really did a great job. And I got some great tape (Radio fact: we call capturing awesome moments in radio "getting great tape" even though we don't use tapes anymore. Not even close.)

And, in an effort to leave you at least something to look at... here is a poster that is up on the wall in Radio B (I live in Radio A) that I like. Seems to say it all...

If they had bumper stickers like this... I would put one on my car! ...If I had a car...

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