Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Pine Tree State!

Yesterday was my first P.D. day (let's call it personal discovery, I don't remember what it stood for in elementary school) in Portland. I certainly took advantage of it. I walked around the city for about 5 hours. My goal yesterday was to find as many consignment or thrift shops as I could. From the very first consignment store I went into (Material Objects on Congress) I had this idea that maybe this really is the city for me. Nothing says home like consignment shopping, in fact, half the clothing I own was once owned by a stranger. But, I repressed the little voice in my head that tells me to buy whatever fits me, and I saved my wallet from an insta-shrink. All I ended up buying was six 5 cent coat hangers and a teacup with a lobster reading a book on it. I think it must be a crest for something, but it struck me as a little piece of Maine on a cup. An intellectual lobster? What more could you ask for? The one thing I really had set out to buy though was a toaster oven, or a hot plate for that matter... or anything that can heat food without blowing a fuse every time. It seems that the microwave here is on a circuit that covers a fairly large portion of my apartment so, I have learned that in order to use the microwave without that fuse-blowing POP sound, I have to stand in virtual darkness, and turn the heater off. But, I end up with a hot bowl of soup! Toaster oven is still on my list, and I actually found one... but it looked like it had been sitting on the shelf at the back of this hole-in-the-wall grocery store since hair scrunchies and plastic hoop earrings were in. (I do apologize if you are still into hair scrunchies and plastic hoop earrings... they can look cool! I guess...)

I main(e)ly stuck to the streets yesterday, rather than exploring the ocean and port. I have never lived near the ocean, perhaps it is a little daunting, so I will work my up to shoreline discovery. It is funny to have a whole new city to circumnavigate. Even when I moved to Ottawa, I feel like I already had seen everything there was to see. But here, I have no idea where I am. When I walked out the door the first day arrived I started walking the wrong way towards the school, and was quickly corrected. I am all turned around and upside-downed. At least, I have a week to figure it all out before I am expected to capture the essence of Maine on radio. So the adventure continues, day two of my Portland adventure can begin. I think I will head over to Salt and listen to the radio docs the Fall semester students just finished... see what is expected of me.

Here are the best of the photos I took yesterday:

This is a old building just a block down from my house. I just thought it looked like the branches are reaching towards the house in a very sinister way. Like they might wrap themselves around it and rip it off its foundation. Oh, what those deciduous trees will do to get attention in the "Pine Tree State".

These American's really are crazy about their eagles. I keep seeing them everywhere. This one was a pretty large and daunting sculpture on the roof of a factory building.

To be fair though, I guess we do have large, colourful, life sized moose on display all over Toronto!

This little shack in the middle of a wading pool just made me miss my older sister. She knows why.

I don't think this photo really translates how beautiful this church is. It looks as though it has been recently upgraded. I really wanted to go inside because it had some purple stained glass windows that I thought would look spectacular from the inside... but the doors were locked. I believe it is the Catholic cathedral (Immaculate Conception)

One more...

I promise...

We'll call this guy "The Pigeon Whisperer"

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  1. Don't forget the Michael Snow geese in the Eaton Centre! xoxo