Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Blog, New Adventure

It is now t-minus eight days until my departure for the great New England...

If only there was enough time to do everything. I have been packing for the last two days and I am only now somewhat organized enough to even imagine my adventure: foraging a new path through the Maine coast land, microphone in hand (For you history lovers: It has been in fact 377 years [1633] since foreign blood set up camp in what is now Portland, but never by this Canadian girl... I have my "New England style" hat already!!)

I will be attending a small non-profit arts organization called The Salt Institute. It is a "school" that is run out of a small store front on the main street in Portland, ME. I have been dreaming of attending this program, well... since I started journalism school at Carleton (as always, way ahead of myself!). The opportunity to take, very specifically, radio documentary is an absolute dream. The only other way I could go about this kind of training would be the second year of a Masters of Journalism, a road I have chosen not to take (at least for now!). However, I am already getting the feeling that my 15 weeks at Salt will be packed to the brim with radio jargon, and lessons to learn. It seems like everyday I get a new e-mail from a professor with another list of things I need to do to prepare myself for the oncoming wave of intensive work. I have 5 textbooks to read, a handful of docs to listen to and and assignment... due before school even starts! If they are seeking to set the tone for things to come, they have succeeded! How funny yet exhilarating it feels to be expected to do school work again.

Well, I say... bring it on!

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  1. It sounds like there's going to be too much work to enjoy Maine at all :)