Saturday, January 30, 2010

Avery On The Road

I have just begun the journey towards Portsmouth, New Hampshire from Burlington, Vermont (a town that has such charm, and perpetually smells like Abercrombie and Fitch cologne, if anyone was interested) via Greyhound. Last night the family drove over the border at Ogdensburg, and we arrived in Burlington late last night. We seem to always stay in the Hilton, because it was one of the first hotels my parents stayed in after they were married. History, history...

So, I will have to switch buses twice, once in White River Junction and once in Boston, before I get to Portsmouth. And the tomorrow a lovely friend of the family is kind enough to have offered to drive me to Portland. And then, I will be set up in my tiny little, "by the sea" apartment, with a week to spare before school begins!

I have no pictures yet, just a travel update, but I miss you all already! So we will see how this Canadian girl fairs on her own in the mighty (or not?) States.


ps. I would like to thank the glories of technology for inventing Wi-Fi on moving vehicles, and Greyhound for providing it. It is because of these things, that this post was possible.


The just stopped in White River Junction, Vermont for a break. On the road again towards Boston, Massachusetts (I won't lie, I had to look up the spelling for that one!). My assignment for the day is to try my best to stop saying "eh" in chit-chat with Americans. It's extremely transparent... and while I am in no way ashamed of my Canadian heritage... it does make me a little cliche.
Here is a picture I took of White River Junction, Vermont... It's of a building because this was truly the most interesting thing too see in White River Jct.

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